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Your safety is important to us!   Please see the latest updates on COVID below


May 2023

We celebrate the great improvement in COVID conditions and the positive impact of vaccinations.  


05.2023 COVID Protocol at Blooming Grove United Methodist

We will continue to be careful and celebrate our connection in ways that feel safe and inclusive, including the following:


  • Providing sanitizing stations - with masks, hand-sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes available for persons to use as needed  

  • Respecting and supporting persons for whom there is continued need to wear a mask as we gather indoors

  • Gathering offerings in free-standing offering plates  

  • Offering Holy Communion during morning worship - typically on the first Sunday of each month, as well was for special occasions    

    • Methods for distribution of communion elements will be modified as necessary to coincide with COVID developments 

  • Holding in our hearts, and actions, the most vulnerable among us  

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