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Our Pastor
 Kathy King
(507) 382-2483

January 2023
A message from Pastor Kathy...

Finding Our Way


And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left. Isaiah 30:21

What fun it is to see the family Christmas pictures on Facebook and SnapChat. It warms my heart when I see families with pictures taken in their church homes. It is a reminder that our church homes are important to us. As we begin January 2023, God touches my heart with quiet moments to wonder, where does God want me to grow—where does God want our church families to grow in the year to come—a new year with infinite possibilities?

Where do we place our hopes and dreams for the new year—do we hope for a new career opportunity; perhaps a new home, or maybe there’s a new family member to be born in this year of 2023? I can’t help but wonder if I place too much trust in what I can do that will bring about the things I’m hoping for without involving enough quiet conversation with God. We focused on Isaiah for our 2022 Advent journey. As we move into 2023, Isaiah’s words from 30: 21 remind us that it is God’s word that we should be reflecting on as we move into our new opportunities. When we involve God, we know that all things are possible. I’m hoping that God will lead me in new ways of shepherding our Prairie Lakes Parish church families—ways that remind us that we need to rely more on God and his Word.

In 2023, I’ll begin a new small group where those who would like to participate will work together to become healthier. Our journey will begin with a book by Lysa Terkeurst: “I’ll start again Monday.” As I’ve struggled to be healthier for much of my life, I know the power of support from a group working together. If you’d like to join me for this small group, please email, text, or call me? The members of the group will create the “when and where’s” of our gathering.

As I shared in my last newsletter offering, this year’s focus will be on our individual faith journeys and growth in our divine relationship. Again, I believe that group support is the best way to accomplish a change in habit. With one another’s help, we can work together to grow in our faith and in our connection to one another while we follow God leading us in the way we should go. As always, I welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you to all of you who remembered Jerry and I with cards and gifts for Christmas. You touched our hearts, and we are so grateful! We are blessed by each one of you.  Happy New Year dear ones!

About Pastor Kathy...


Kathy King serves as the Pastor of the Prairie Lakes Parish - a three-point charge consisting of the Blooming Grove, Janesville, and Waterville Evangelical United Methodist Churches.

Pastor Kathy lives in Janesville with her husband Jerry and their three four-footed girls: Beatrice, Mocha, and Winnifred.  Kathy and Jerry have three sons - Clint (and Julie), Jeremy (and Tiffany), and Aaron (and Trista), eight grandchildren, and one great-grandson. 

Pastor Kathy has a degree in English and Communications, and in 2022, completed the United Methodist General Board of Discipleship Course of Study for Licensed Local Pastors. Kathy has a heart for the rural church and the relationships made possible through the example of love shown through Jesus Christ. 

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