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Our Pastor
 Kathy King
(507) 382-2483

July 2024
A message from Pastor Kathy...

Come to Me


“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” -- Matthew 11:28 NIV

As we enter this month of July, I wonder how many of us are feeling exhausted. Our average rainfall for the Mankato area in June is 5.6 inches. Recent reports tell us that our area has had three times the normal rainfall for the month of June. Our parish church. Waterville Evangelical United Methodist Church was surrounded by floodwaters but the efforts of the trustees and volunteer helpers helped to protect the church from major flood damage. Our Waterville congregation has members who had to evacuate who live in the uncertainty of not knowing if their homes can be saved. Driving through our rural Minnesota countryside we can see the devastation farmers are dealing with as their crops are flooded out.  Friends, it is not an easy time to be a pastor. When people ask, “Why do these things happen?” I don't have the answer. So I offer to those things where I find comfort. Matthew 11: 28 tells us that Jesus offers us His comfort with the words: “Come to me, all who are weary, all who are burdened. I will give you rest.”  Please pray for:

 Our friends who live in Waterville

 The Waterville Evangelical United Methodist Church

 our MN National Guard

 the many workers doing everything they can to help

 the many other communities dealing with so much in these days

 our farming community impacted by the flooding


In the coming days and weeks we will be hearing how we can help. We will be sure to pass that information along. Please know that our Minnesota United Methodist Church hasn't forgotten those who are impacted. Our Bishop's office has called as have several of my colleagues to offer their support.  We have many things to look forward to in this month of July. All three of our churches will hold their respective board meetings, our July joint service will be held at our Waterville Evangelical United Methodist Church, and our Blooming Grove United Methodist Church will hold their summer fish fry event at the Half Pine Brewing Company.


Thank you for all your cards and well wishes for my birthday, our anniversary, and my surgery. I am looking forward to days without a sling on my arm. Thank you for being the blessing you are. May we rely on the rest that we find in Jesus Christ.

About Pastor Kathy...


Kathy King serves as the Pastor of the Prairie Lakes Parish - a three-point charge consisting of the Blooming Grove, Janesville, and Waterville Evangelical United Methodist Churches.

Pastor Kathy lives in Janesville with her husband Jerry and their three four-footed girls: Beatrice, Mocha, and Winnifred.  Kathy and Jerry have three sons - Clint (and Julie), Jeremy (and Tiffany), and Aaron (and Trista), eight grandchildren, and one great-grandson. 

Pastor Kathy has a degree in English and Communications, and in 2022, completed the United Methodist General Board of Discipleship Course of Study for Licensed Local Pastors. Kathy has a heart for the rural church and the relationships made possible through the example of love shown through Jesus Christ. 

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